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Valentine's Day Gifts She'll love!

 Hello, Darling! Find The Valentine's Day Gifts She Won't Expect

She's a one-of-a-kind girl, and run-of-the-mill flowers and chocolates just won't cut it. She's got style and flair, and taste for the finer things in life. She wants to look stylish on her bicycle and that includes the bags and panniers she uses to store her personal items. It might just be time to reinvent Valentine's Day.

We've created this list with the stylish cyclist in mind. 

Rain Cape Robin available at Le Velo Victoria

Choosing to ride your bicycle everyday is a commitment and arriving wet at the office is not fun. She wants to arrive at work dry, and we're not talking about wearing spandex; sure, there's a time and place for it but for her riding into work isn't it. Our rain capes are a rainy day game changer. Choose the colour and pattern that best catches your eye. Hint: some of our customers like her rain cape to match her bicycle. Click on our photo to shop our collection of rain capes.

Dream eco-leather handbag easily attaches to the rear rack of your bicycle. Available at Le Velo Victoria

Can you think of a more elegant way for her to carry her laptop? Off the bike the attachment hooks are cleverly hidden behind a secret zippered pocket. No one will ever know that it was made for the back of her bicycle. Our Dream bag is large enough to hold her 13" laptop and the rest of her daily essentials. 

Poem by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Birtie Red Leather Pannier available at Le Velo Victoria

What we know is that she wants to arrive at her destination with a bag or a pannier that doesn't look like it just came off the back of a bicycle. This stunning red leather briefcase is built for the urban rider. It's a stylishly handsome pannier that can carry all  the things that are important to get her through her day. It's also light weight and easy to carry around. This is an investment piece that she'll have for years to come.

Clarijs Bicicletta Double pannier available at Le Velo Victoria 

This little beauty just screams super cute. This double pannier is great for leaving attached to the bicycle. With a large grommet inserted in the top of the pannier allows her to lock the pannier to the bicycle ensuring that it stays there while she's away from her bike.

Love your journey at Le Velo Victoria

A lot of people now work in mobile offices. This black beauty is a great carry-all for her daily essentials, laptop, phone, notebook etc. It's a stylish way for her to move around the office and always look professional, comes with comfortable shoulder straps for easy carrying. 

Desire Backpack available at Le Velo Victoria

All of our bags & panniers are meant for the bicycle and beyond. Because life continues after the bike.

Excerpt of a poem by Paplo Neruda

Umbrellas made for the bicycle available at Le Velo Victoria

The senz° umbrella holder will definitely put a smile on her face and turn some heads as well. No more excuses! No more getting caught out unexpectedly in the rain! Simply insert your senz° umbrella in the umbrella holder and enjoy a dry ride! Two hands on the handlebars and perfect view on the road and no blind spots

But don't let this list restrict you, go to our website and check out all of the possibilities available to you. We're confident you'll choose the perfect gift she'll love!  

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