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Valentine's Day Gifts for the Perfect Gentleman

He says "he's not that into gifts, I really don't need anything" but you know the truth. In fact, you know him better than he knows himself. You've got his style down to a tee; masculine and urban. He likes woodgrain, sleek and stylish ways to carry his stuff and appreciates the feel and smell of fine leather. This Valentine's Day, treat the true gentleman of your life to the things he'll go crazy for.

Your love is unique, your gifts should be too!

Two really simple, sleek, and affordable, items made for the bike accessories with a cool factor build right in.


Turns our carrying stuff is an issue, same as it is for women. We think the Day Tripper is a great carryall, beautiful wood grain with a pop of colour; we're sure he'd love to beth this right now. It's the perfect size for a pizza box and a bottle of vino. When it's not holding dinner it can carry all his man stuff (you know what I mean) around the city.
Day Tripper bicycle crate available at Le Velo Victoria
If you are looking for a gift that keeps giving, you may want to check out our selection of leather panniers. Off the bicycle you would never know it was a panner. Click on the photo to see our full collection of leather bags and panniers. 
Shop Byrne Black Leather Pannier - available at Le Velo Victoria
Let's make this easy: Give him the gift of choice with one of our gift cards - always a great gift! Starts at $10 and goes up to whatever amount you are looking for. 
Gift Cards available at Le Velo Victoria


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