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Temptation Tuesday: Biking in the Rain

The rain cape designed for riding your bike or walking the dog.

Well, we knew the dry weather couldn't last forever; the rain has returned with a vengeance and it is time to break out our rain gear.

Now to some, rain gear may look like this.

Image courtesy: MEC

To us, it looks like this! Need we say more?

and this

Image courtesy of Victoria

The HappyRainyDay Rain Cape is a better looking, way more stylish alternative to the first photo and to the yellow rain poncho we are all so use to seeing. It's also functional with the addition of wristbands on the inside to keep your hands dry, but I prefer to place my thumbs through the wristbands, this allows easy release for your indicating arm. Cape is long enough in the front to drape over the handlebars to keep your thighs dry, which is a common theme with other capes, that the front isn't long enough to keep feet and legs dry from the rain.

The rain capes have taped seams and are waterproof so you'll be sure to be kept dry in a down pour. They come in beautiful bright colours, made for upright bikes but great for dog walking too. 

I also use mine while walking my dog Esmee, a vibrant labrador that demands being outside no matter the weather and she's always game for a swim in the ocean.

Another feature I love about these capes is that they were made by women, who live and ride in the Netherlands, for women who ride. They come in bright beautiful colours to suite your style and have reflective piping to keep you seen.

Comes with a ribbon around the waist (and is hidden on the inside) to prevent the cape from blowing all over in the wind. With a great adjustable hoodie that moves with you, a large hidden storage in the front (can store cape inside or your essentials) reflective detailing and beauty, what more could you ask for?

This my dear readers is our Temptation Tuesday blog post. 

Get your HappyRainyDay Rain Cape here and Happy Cycling!

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