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Le Vélo in Spacing Magazine!

Discovering Victoria’s vital human infrastructure

Earlier last month we had the pleasure of hanging out with Chris and Melissa Bruntlett as they kicked off the brand new Trans-form Speakers Series, As Easy as Riding a bike. Chris and Melissa presented a fresh perspective on cycling and highlight the everyday act of pleasurable (and sustainable) mobility. Utility over speed, street clothes rather than lycra.

Chris and his family had the opportunity to spend some time cycling and photographing our city streets, and chatting with local advocates. The end result was a photo essay that attempts to capture the state of utility cycling in Victoria in 2014, both for better and for worse.

Chris sent us a series of questions and here is the result. Read on to see how Le Vélo is trying to be the change we want to see!
The full article can be read in Spacing Magazine.
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