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Melissa Bruntlett’s Curated picks to Discover Cycling Beyond Summer

Melissa's Curated Picks for an Express Line to Summer Riding  

Melissa Bruntlett Top Stylish Bicycle accessories for Le Velo Victoria

Thanks for the great photo Chris! (Modacity)

We caught up with Melissa Bruntlett, co-founder of Modacity. Melissa is inspired to live a happy life of urban mobility. Melissa has made a name for herself through her blog Velo Family Diaries which quickly garnered a following, prompting Melissa to expand her topics to some of the social and political challenges she faces as a female cyclist and a mother.  

Readers are enjoying Olena Russell's Curated Picks for an Express Line into Summer Riding and Beyond. You can dive in here!

These days you'll find Melissa writing, photographing and filming about bike culture by inspiring people to move to a simple approach to mobility for people of all ages, abilities and incomes. 

Melissa has a great number of years of cycling under her belt and we think all that experience can help you ride into summer and beyond.

Let's ride into summer with Melissa's Top Curated Picks - Not into reading the whole article? You can go directly to Melissa's collection and Discover Yours Here

Melissa's top stylish cycling accessories for this season:

Dress Clips: $39, $45 & $49 | I love dresses and skirts, so they make up most of my summer wardrobe! Although riding in a skirt is effortless, sometimes a gust of wind can turn easy riding into an embarrassing moment in a heartbeat. Dress Clips take away the worry when I'm riding, and the lovely patterns are subtle, so it's my little secret!

Photo from <a  rel=“nofollow” http://www.thebikeinmylife.com/category/bicycle-accessories-fashion-products/

Photo Credit: The Bike in My Life

Dress Clips from NoMonroe at Le Velo Victoria

Bicycle Skirt Guard: $84 | Maxi skirts are a must in any ladies wardrobe, but riding in one can prove tricky. They can quickly go from flowing and elegant to dirty and stuck in the spokes of a back wheel. So a skirt guard is a must have. Not only does it keep your dresses and skirts looking beautiful, but it's also a lovely accessory to beautify your bike and make it special.

Bicycle Skirt Guard available at Le Velo Victoria

Hill & Ellis Don: $347 | Dark Brown and Cambridge Blue Leather Pannier: Getting to ride my bike to work every day but still look professional when I get there is very important. The Don Pannier looks great attached to my bike, but my laptop along with everything else I need for the day fits perfectly inside, meaning no need for extra baskets and added hassle.

The Don Leather Pannier available at Le Velo Victoria

Po Campo Six Corners Wristlet: $48 | Whether going out for post work drinks, or heading out with the family for the day, lugging along my purse can be cumbersome. The wristlet is the perfect way to carry everything I need (debit/credit cards, cash, sunglasses) without feeling weighed down. When I'm riding, it attaches easily to my handlebars to I can ride hands free and in comfort.

Melissa Bruntlett's curated collection for Le Velo Six Corners wristlet

Happy Rainy Days Rain Cape: $139 to 149 | Summers on the West Coast are gorgeous, but not always dry. I don't let that stop me from getting out on my bike, and my rain cape keeps me dry but still stylish. It's light enough to stow in my pannier for just in case moments, and if the rain comes mid-ride, it's easy to put on and go. I can't imagine rainy day riding without it!

Melissa Bruntlett's curated picks for Le Velo Victoria Feature HappyRainyDays rain capes

Dish Performance Denim Skinny: $129 | Denim is my go to when I wear pants, but riding every day takes it's toll on my jeans. Dish Performance Denim is comfortable enough to ride in without cutting in, and I don't have to worry about them wearing out from all the riding I do. Not to mention, they are great for going from a day at work to heading out at night with my husband!

Melissa Bruntlett's curated pick for Le Velo Victoria feature Dish Performance Denim Skinny

Let's ride into summer with Melissa's Top Curated Picks - You can go directly to Melissa's collection and Discover Yours Here! 

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