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Ode to Father's - Dad’s Always Get the Shaft….How Many Ties Does One Guy Need?

 Second of all, Happy Father's Day!


Mother’s Day seems to be celebrated with presents, flowers, and spa treatments where Father’s Day tends to be celebrated with family bike rides, BBQ’s and beer. Maybe it is because it is harder to shop for our dad’s (hence the massive tie collection that he most likely did not purchase himself) or maybe it is because we associate dad’s more with the outdoors and family activities. Whatever way you choose to celebrate with your dad for Father’s Day, we have a few items we think will make your shopping a little easier and will not contribute to his tie collection. LIke the Basil Rattan Grey wicker basket, rugged enough to for Dad and big enough haul the nights groceries.

Le Vélo’s Urban Rider Collection is full of products that your dad will love and that will look stylish on his ride. We encourage everyone to hop on their bikes dressed for their destination and guess what…that includes guys too. Men may carry fewer items then women, hence they are able to function without a purse, but they still have need for an efficient and stylish pannier or bag to take to work or grocery shopping. 


If you choose to celebrate with your dad without gifts, Le Vélo carries other products that will help make those family bike rides or picnics that much easier. We have a variety of basketspanniers, and of course the popular wine rack that will allow you and your dad to bike in comfort and feast like a king once you reach your destination. These items are all designed to fit most styles of bikes and will make your ride more comfortable and streamline. Not to mention you will look great on your ride.

Visit the Le Vélo website for lots of great Father’s Day gift ideas. Stay tuned for some very exciting new products that will leave you dying for a ride to the beach or the park for a BBQ.

For more tips on dressing for your destination while cycling through your extensive tie collection, check out the Velo Joy Blog article “How to ride to work and wear a suit”.

Still can't quite decide? Check out our Collection of Father's Day Gifts especially curated for Dad.

Happy Father’s Day to all the dad’s out there!!!

Joie De Vivre

By Hannah Monteith

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