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Temptation Tuesday - HotelfietsBel

With the warm sunshine finally showing its face to us we thought a nice picnic would be in order. A great place to picnic in Victoria is Ogden Point or any where along the beaches of Dallas Rd. This Saturday, Le Vélo will be having a pop-in shop at The SuperiorArrive on two wheels, get a deal!

The Superior is in the perfect location for you to stop by, get some Mortiscycle Donuts, a great espresso and check out our sweet stuff then hop on your bike to enjoy the sunshine, the ocean breeze and don't forget your Hotelfietsbel

This weeks Temptation Tuesday Feature is the HotelfietsBel! Why do we love this bell at Le Vélo? It is beautiful, functional, and a little retro. And it's huge!! 

The Story:

A gentlemen by the name of Anton Frima took the simple design of a classic "service bell" and transformed it into a practical bicycle bell. These bells not only look beautiful but they also have a familiar and clear ring that translates perfectly into a bicycle bell.            recording_20130708_195523 (1).m4a         

This fun video displays a unique story of the original hotel bell and how it has been translated into a must have bicycle feature. 

 The Hotelbikebell from Aart Taminiau on Vimeo.

I hope you enjoy this bell as much as we do!

Joie De Vivre

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