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Best Christmas Gifts Ideas for Him - Your Top 10!

Gifts For Him
Senz umbrella & holder available at Le Velo Victoria
Christmas Is Around The Corner – Here's What You Should Be Dropping, Hint-Wise
Despite girlfriends, wife, significant other etc., having the reputation of being hard to shop for, finding great Christmas gifts for the man in your life is arguably just as tricky. But let's face it, everyone likes to receive something that was clearly bought with them in mind. But finding something that he's actually going to use, keep and remember a few months (or longer) down the line isn't easy. Here's where we can help. 
Great Gifts for men don't have to be complicated, they just need to be on point. In case you're lacking a little inspiration, this guide of unique christmas gifts for him is designed to give you an idea of all the new and classic gifts that are great for the holiday season, here's everything you need to know.
This number couldn’t really be more simple. A Classic leather bike bag lovingly crafted in fine leather. These leather panniers are investment pieces that he will have for years to come. Oh, it makes for a great weekend get-away bag too, roomy enough to carry just the essentials. 
Byron Black Leather Pannier available at Le Velo Victoria
Two really simple, sleek, and affordable, items made for the bike accessories with a cool factor build right in.
Practical and stylish: a winning combination. Now this is a good looking bicycle accessory. 
Getting a gift for a man doesn't have to be one of the most stressful parts of the holidays. What will he actually like? Boxers? Socks? Cologne? OMG, can someone just tell me exactly what to get? Is this you? Let's make this easy: Give him the gift of choice with one of our gift cards - always a great gift!
Le Velo Gift Cards
Luckily, I have a husband and some male friends around for me to chat about this very pressing issue of finding the perfect gift. Turns our carrying stuff for them is an issue, same as it is for women. The following is what they said they'd love to get right now. It might not all be perfect for your guy, but it's a solid place to start. 
The Red Bicycle Crate, perfect size for a pizza box and a bottle of vino. When it's not holding dinner it can carry all his man stuff (you know what I mean) around the city.
If he prefers a shoulder bag, we've got this sleek black and white that will do the trick.
Black and White Shoulder Bag available at Le Velo Victoria
And lastly for the classic, we've got the Bunbury Leather Satchel, a terrific carry all. 
And the ever so classic and this year's most popular leather satchel is the Professor. The beauty and craftsmanship speaks for itself.
Laslty the cool factor with built in functionality and the ability to cycle with a roof over your head. Now that's classy. 
You've now got all the tools to get this job done. Christmas shopping for the man in your life. Shop now and have some fun while doing it! 

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