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Best Christmas Gifts Ideas for Her - Your Top 10!

Christmas lives here!

Well, here we are, 11 days until Christmas morning and you are stumped as to what to buy for that special woman in your life. Well, that's okay because that's what we're here for, to make you look good Christmas morning. We'll make it easy and show you what our top 10 most popular stylish bicycle accessories of the season are. Now all you have to do is choose. Easy right.

For the classic woman, this minimalist leather satchel makes a statement without being showy. Sleek and simple, it features a soft black leather and shinny silver hardware. This is femininity at its best. No one will ever no it was made to attache to the back rack of the bicycle. 

A gift for the woman who's got a specific appreciation for all things beautiful. This handbag from Mme Velo is one that will remind her of the warmer days of cycling. Beautiful gold detailing, large enough to hold a 15" MacBook Air, her favourite notebook + everything else she needs to get through her day.

Plaid always had a place in our closet, but it’s especially nice this time of year. Check it off her love-it list with this plaid beauty. Click link for details. 

Christmas is the holiday of coziness. Keeping warm and dry on her bike starts underneath the coat. These lovely merino wool tunics are a great place to start. Moisture wicking merino wool, keeping you warm when it's cold and cool when it's hot with an added benefit of being naturally rain shower repellent. Available in various colours.

Getting a gift for the woman in your life doesn't have to be one of the most stressful parts of the holidays. What will she actually like? Jewerly? Socks? panniers? OMG, can someone just tell me exactly what to get? Is this you? Let's make this easy: Give her the gift of choice with one of our gift cards - always in fashion! Plus you choose the amount. What could be easier?
A rain hat should be a staple that she'll love having stashed in her bag at all times. If she's not already familiar with our waterproof rain hats, start her off with one of our bright beautiful and did we say playfully fun colours! The best part? They are super cute. Now she'll never be caught out in the rain again!
If she's looking for the cool factor while riding a bicycle in the rain, give her the gift of cycling with a roof over her head. The senz umbrellas will keep the rain out of her eyes and face. Let me tell you, this is a big plus when you are cycling in the rain. Especially when the pellets are hard, really makes it hard to see. Problem solved. 
Not seen as your typical bicycle accessory, this piece of jewelry combines the sweet sentiment of a hair clip, with the subtle sophistication that comes with the beauty in leather. This skirt Perfect to wrap for under the tree or as a surprise stocking stuffer.
A beautiful and elegant accessory that is practical and stylish! It will hold her flirty skirt in place.
Simple and stylish, this leather handbag from Hill & Ellis has all the characteristics of an everyday essential. But beyond just looking good, it's equipped with enough space to carry an iPad or small laptop, her favourite note pad, a light sweater and of course pockets for keys, mobile and lipstick! A pannier, cleverly disguised as a handbag. She will love you for this bag. 
Has she dreamed of cycling in the rain and keeping dry? We did too, but we wanted an elegant solution that not only looked good on the bike but off as well. These capes fit the bill. Simple in style, high in function and 100% waterproof. We think she'll be thrilled to have one of these. The happiest rain capes we've carried yet. Bright beautiful colours to brighten the stormiest of days. What are you waiting for? Get hers today!


We couldn't help ourselves; we think she'll love these stylish bicycle accessories too. 


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