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Coffee Shop Favorites! Bean Around the World!


Why do you like Bean Around the World?

The atmosphere in the coffee shop is laid back and artsy. There are always different paintings displayed on the walls from different artists. When you go further into the shop there is an old phone booth and giant map, which I love! I cannot really explain why I like it so much but I always have. I have always been drawn to coffee shops that have an atmosphere that inspires and makes me feel comfortable curling up and reading a book or writing. When I go into the shop I feel that and it makes me comfortable. 

What is your favorite food and drink?

Hands down – Tuna Diablo, Cappucino or Raspberry Lemonade and a slice of carrot cake to share (they are giant but so delicious).

I have been getting the same thing at Bean Around The World for years. I think part of me would be missing if they ever stop making the Tuna Diablo. I know it is dramatic but ask people who know me how often it comes up in conversation.

Are there diet friendly options for people with dietary restrictions or preferences?

When I was there last I noticed they carry gluten free toast for sandwiches, vegan sandwiches and a quinoa chocolate cup cake!

What special feature have you noticed there?

Other than the vintage phone booth in the corner? Bean Around The World is a great place to find info on local entertainment.

Is Bean Around the World Local?

Bean around the world was started in Vancouver by a gentleman named Pete. All the locations are independently owned and operated but follow strict rules to ensure customers are getting the best coffee available. Read more at About BATW.

If you have not been to Bean Around The World before, you must! It is located at 533 Fisgard St. in China town.

Glad I could share one of my favorite coffee shops in Victoria. Stay tuned for more on other great restaurants and coffee shops in Victoria!

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