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Temptation Tuesday - Logan Trunk Bag

Le Vélo has had the Logan Truck Bag from Po Campo for a little over two months now and we thought it was time to share it with you. I picked this bag today because I think it is the perfect bag to transition into fall. The reality is, you might need to carry a little more with you when you are riding in the fall. It is nice to have an extra sweater or dry socks which require just a little more space. 

This bag is a great transition bag from summer to fall for just that reason. It is bigger than the Pilsen Bungee Handbag but still smaller than the Midway Weekender bag we featured last month. There is enough room to fit a sweater, a small laptop or ipad and whatever other purse contents you require. 

The Logan Trunk Bag transitions from a purse to your bicycle easily which means you do not need to carry a second purse. It is super easy to attach this purse to your bike rack and when it is not on your bike the straps look like funky detailing. Overall, we really like this purse and think it is a great addition to your fall wardrobe. 

This video shows you just how easy it is to attach to your bicycle.

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