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New Year, New Beginnings

To celebrate new beginnings I thought right now would be a good time to step out from behind the Brand of Le Vélo and say, "Hi!"
Blog post at Le Velo Victoria
I'm Susan, I'm passionate about getting more people out on their bikes riding, more often! My last impulse bicycle accessory buy was my red leather pannier by @hillandellis. I'm in love with #Esmee my yellow Labrador; my shadow, trusty companion, AKA: CEO (Chief Entertainment Officer) shop dog and #MinistyOfHappiness and taking her for long walks as we explore the West Coast together. 

I'm grateful for my husbands' never-ending support, and our cycle touring trips together exploring the mountains of some far off place. 

Most of all, I love inspiring people, especially women, to get out on their bikes and ride in style. We're bring sexy back to cycling, one rider at a time. We'd love to see your style on your bike. Tag us on Instagram with #CarsAreSoYesterday for a chance to be featured on our feed. Happy New Year!!


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