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Christmas Pop-up event at Sea Cider Farm & Ciderhouse

The second cider in our tasting was Pippins. I can see why we started with Flagship, comparitively Pippins has a sweeter taste and a little thicker consistency on the tongue. Pippins is as a cider with structure, it's a crisp aromatic dry sparkling cider with lovely fruity undertones. 

Rumrunner Sea Cider and Le Velo Victoria pop-upWe finished of the cider tasting with Rumrunner. I wasn't sure if I was going to like it simply because I couldn't reconcile cider being aged in rum barrels and what that flavour would be like. But, at least three customers told me that the Rumrunner is their absolute favourite. So I had to try it.

Tasting the Rumrunner last was well planned, as it was a little sweeter than the previous two ciders I had tasted. Once you've tasted the sweetest there is no going back to the others because your taste buds can't handle it.

For me I think the Rumrunner would be great as an aperitif. The flavours were bursting with the sweetness of brown sugar and spice to this semi-dry sparkling cider. I would describe it as 'Yummy!"

Sea Cider is open today until 4:00pm. It's a great time to stop by for any last minute Christmas shopping for the cyclist & foodie in your life. Come down for a cider tasting and  perhaps a few other goodies.

HappyRainyDays Rain Cape and Le Velo 


Today only our HappyRainyDay Rain Cape is on sale for 15% discount for the rider in your life.

Our every popular Bidon au vin, it's perfect for taking wine or cider with you while on the go. 

Looking for the perfect little stocking stuffer? Look sweet on your seat with the new addition to our cycling chic family, the Bicycle Skirt Garter. A stylishly sleek addition to any wardrobe.

Don't miss out and we'll see you soon!

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