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Enjoying summer to the fullest! Read our Urban Cycling Magazine

Enjoying summer to the fullest! 

My husband and I share a love for cycling and this is just a great way for us to chill out, relax and reconnect. 

If you enjoy urban cycling and the culture that goes with it, be sure to get your free copy of our Quarterly Urban Cycling Magazine. It's new and we want to share it with you.

Urban Cycling Magazine: A Story for Change by Le Vélo Victoria

URBAN CYCLING: A Story for change is our first edition of the e-Magazine!

Here's what people are saying about our magazine:

Amsterdam Cycle Chic (@Amsterdamcyclechic"Love the new zine!! 👍❤️👏 🚲"

Jacqui from Australia: "Congratulations Susan, I saved your little mag to my desktop for when I had time to appreciate it. I just did and loved reading and seeing your face. I look forward to the next one". 

This magazine is about changing the status quo. We believe that you don't have to wear spandex when you ride a bicycle, because cycling isn't just for sport. We're providing an inside look at cycling normalcy and tips and tricks to help you let go of the spandex and get on your bikes riding in style; your style, whatever that may be.

Get your free copy. All you have to do is sign-up to our newsletter! Join hundreds of others who enjoy sharing the love of cycling and we'll email you your PDF copy, it's that simple. 

Le Vélo Victoria's Founder Susan and her husband Laszlo

Riding our city bikes is also the only way I can get Laszlo to ride at my speed. Both of these bikes run on human power and 3 gears. 🚲 (I wish someone would create an emoji with a step through city bike). Long distance cycling, forget it, he's so fast I could never keep up. Tour cycling is a bit different, he still kicks my butt, but he's there when it counts and I'm okay with that. Happy Cycling!

So What are you waiting for? Sign-up to our newsletter and get your first copy of our new Urban Cycling Magazine: A Story for Change #CarsAreSoYesterday

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  • Whitney Ryan

    Congrats on launching your magazine! That’s huge and I’m sure took a ton of work to get it off the ground.

    You guys are inspiring me to get out on the bike again!

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