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How To Ride Your Bike Everyday

Cycling as a form of transportation is slowly catching on. 

Today I had a lovely conversation with a woman who was wondering how she could ride her bike to work? " Should I carry my work clothes with me," she says. 

How to ride your bike everyday - Le Velo Victoria

I asked her how long her ride to work would be and it turns out to be maybe 20 minutes. I suggested that she just dress for her destination. She thought that was a novel idea but wondered about sweating in her favourite blouse. I just said slow down. 😊 It's not a race to get from your home to work, the café, grocery shopping, dinner (insert your favourite place to ride), riding your bike is about the destination and the journey. Leave enough time to get to where you want to go and enjoy the ride. 

Cycling is a normal activity that millions of people partake in every single day. Take it from the Dutch who know this very well and make the bicycle their first transportation mode of choice. The main reason; it's the fastest and most economical way of traveling around the city. 

The more people buy into the idea that cycling as a normal activity that millions of people partake in every single day, the more likely we are to build better bicycle infrastructure here. I believe we need to be the change we want to see. So now you know the secret of every person who rides a bicycle in Europe as a mode of transportation. They just do it!

Inspire others and show us how you dress for your destination!! Tag us with your photos on our Instagram page with #CarsAreSoYesterday. Thanks for sharing. 

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