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Dress Clips to hold your flirty skirt in place - Singing Leaves
Dress Clip Blossom Blue

Dress Clips | Organic cotton & wool Singing Leaves

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Does this sound familiar? You are about to hop on your bike, you look fantastic, but as soon as you get on your bike, something changes. Your skirt blows up, you hold it down. But as soon as you move your hand, your bag slides off your shoulder. Sound familiar? It's the reason that this dress clip was created; for women like you. A beautiful and elegant accessory that is practical and stylish! It will hold your flirty skirt in place. 

Check out the fun video below to see how it works?

  • Organic cotton and wool
  • Fabric is water and dirt resistant
  • 3cm (w) x 9.5cm (L)
  • Weighs approximately 20 grams
  • Double stitched thread
  • Made by women who cycle in Europe
  • The system within the clip is made of metal in combination with strengthened cardboard which is also used in belts
  • Each dress clip arrives in a nice gift package
  • You can also use the clip as a fashion accessory to your scarf, bikini coverup or to hold down your i-pod/iPhone wires, or sunglasses, the possibilities are endless

How it works