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What We Learned in 2014 and Where We're Going

Looking back over the past year we have learned a whole lot about who we are as a local company and our place within our community. As our business matures we have become more focused on our customers wants and needs but also our need to provide a vital voice in the push to normalize cycling in Victoria.

Some of the moments we're most proud of over the past year include sponsoring events that bring guest speakers to the island to inspire and inform, like the first Transform Speakers Series and other important cycling events like the annual TweedRide Victoria.

Our Vélo Joy Blog is where we regularly feature posts about the citizen cycling movement and images of bicycle normalcy. In a city where we too often see cyclists clad in spandex and hi-vis wear, this look won't ever be found on our site. Instead there is a particular focus on women who cycle for transport. We’re attempting to promote a lifestyle we want to see, especially in Victoria. The more people buy into the idea cycling is a normal activity that millions partake in every single day, the more likely we are to build better bicycle infrastructure. I believe we need to be the change we want to see. Don't you?


Our new friend Kendra found cycling chic in YYJ. Photo with the shop dog Esmee

Le Vélo isn't just the pretty face of cycling or a stylish bicycle boutique for women only, but we do understand that if we can encourage more women and children to cycle it will get noticed by the policy makers because we will start rallying together to have safer streets where children can safely cycle to school or where the elderly can feel confident and secure on the street. The effects on our infrastructure will be seen in a positive way and affect change quicker.


The Hovenring: This is what Victoria cyclists deserve. The Hovenring, commissioned for the Dutch city of Eindhoven, is a spectacular suspended circular cycle bridge that shows the world that something as practical as a cycle path can be beautiful and functional.

Working full time as a business analyst for the provincial government doesn't give me a whole lot of spare time outside of the office. As the founder of Le Vélo, we are passionate about providing you with the most stylish bicycle accessories we can find but we can't just stop there, we have to go further. We're too passionate about promoting what is possible when you design a lifestyle around the bicycle. We think it's way too important to just stop there, we think we can also provide a vital voice in the push to normalize cycling in YYJ. Perhaps you wonder how or why we think this, well, it's because we've spent so much time living abroad in the Netherlands that we know what is possible. We want to see people of all ages and sizes on their bikes, safe from car traffic, period. I don't think we're asking too much. Do you? 

Our goals for this year include working with the movers and shakers in the cycling advocacy arena and becoming an authoritative voice for cycling infrastructure change.

Stay near. Until next time.

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