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2015 Tweed Ride Victoria Loveliness

This was Le Vélo Victoria’s fifth time participating in the Tweed Ride Victoria event, our fourth year as a sponsor, and the first time I was completely happy with the way I decorated my bicycle. Sometimes practice makes perfect. But I didn't do it alone. I had the help of my friend and part-time florist to give me a one-on-one Handlebar garland lesson.  

Le Velo Victoria Photo of our bicycle with fresh flowers garland 2015 Tweed Ride Victoria

As always the Tweed Ride is such a lovely stylish cycling event, filled with beautiful vintage bicycles, like Penny farthings, vintage dresses and we even saw a searsucker suit, a rolling music bicycle in motion playing the likes of Ella Fitzgerald and Louie Armstrong. Finishing off the event with a tea picnic in the park and lovely views of the beach and ocean and not to mention the fog.

Le Velo Victoria Photo of Penny Farthing 2015 Tweed Ride Victoria

2015 Tweed Ride Victoria, it's the cycling event of the season for the stylish rider! This is one of our most coveted cycling event of the year. If you haven't joined in on a Tweed Ride it is a spectacular event where like-minded stylish riders gather. It's a great time to enjoy cycling through our beautiful community with no less than 300 other cycling friends.

Le Vélo Victoria also sponsored the "Most Stylish Bicycle Accessory" contest. It's a curious contest, for it relies on not only a knowledge of your particular bicycle, but also a thorough grasp of what it means to be a Tweed Rider. Spoke cards? Beautiful basket? A garland of fall foliage? A pannier made of tweed? Any or all of these fit the bill. But it is up to the individual taste of the tweed rider for it to all come together for their bicycle.

This year our choice for the Most Stylish Bicycle Accessory went to Kelly for the most beautiful floral garland. It was the first time in 5 years that we've seen such beautiful foliage on a bicycle, it was different, fresh and reminded me of being in the Netherlands where this would be a regular occurrence and so, it was our choice for the Most Stylish Bicycle Accessory.

Le Velo Victoria with the Stylish Bicycle Accessroy Contest Winner from 2015 Tweed Ride Victoria

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