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Pedal Love, Social Media & Storytelling Meetup | Invitation

Join us for a morning meet up hosted by women to share bike stories and explore ideas for growing bicycling in Victoria and beyond.  Two hosts, Maria Sipin (A Healthy Design @ahealthydesign ) from Los Angeles California, and Susan Stokhof (Le Vélo Victoria), will be facilitating discussions. Be ready to form social circles, snap photos, and tell or write a brief bike story. We may get a little chatty and crafty. Share the love #CarsAreSoYesterday, #LeVeloVictoria #Biketoria #PedalLove

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How did the Dutch get their network of bicycle paths?

This is an excellent video to share with our policy-makers (i.e. Mayor Dean Fortin) on what a safe, mature and very realistic cycling infrastructure can look like.   @LeVelo_Victoria Thanks for the great visual. Will share this with the Cycling Task Force who is updating the city's cycling master plan. — Dean Fortin (@DeanFortin) October 7, 2013

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