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Urban Riders Guide to Biking to Work

Top 4 reasons why you should ride! ① It’s healthy, fun and makes your commute to work enjoyable. ② Fresh air is invigorating and a side benefit is the exercise. ③ No traffic jams and free parking. ④ Lastly, there’s nothing like the freedom you feel while riding a bike; you can explore the city and ride at your pace. Let's dig in.

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Lochside Cycles Ariel Step-through City Bike Review

Victoria loves to ride bikes and look great doing it! And with cycling being Victoria's fastest mode of transportation a brand new line of vintage-inspired bicycles have emerged. So, with spring on my mind and a few days of glorious sunshine we borrowed a bicycle for a week from brothers Richard and Brian at Lochside Cycles and road the Ariel everywhere.  Let's see how she fairs?

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